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About SSB

Secure Scuttlebutt is a P2P network ideal for data, identity, and messaging

A scuttlebutt is a watercooler on a ship — sea-slang for gossip. It is a protocol that allows the creation of decentralised social networks. This Pub is one node in the main network - it connects those who frequent it. The future vision of the protocol is not to have any public centralising pubs like ours, but for now places like these offer an entryway into the growing community. Grab your invite while they last!

The only way to really know what it is, is to give it a try. Patchwork is a good start, but there are many more apps. Have fun!

About Learning Societies

Our Mission: Learning beyond Boundaries

Learning is in humanity's DNA. Most everything we do is driven by a curiosity to explore, understand, experiment and create. And nothing is more rewarding than doing so together.

However, educational experiences are often segregated. There are boundaries between learning environments both physical and virtual, both within individuals and between communities.

We want to empower people to cross these boundaries, through technology and social innovation. This research agenda is an inherently decentralised quest, sparking many directions: community/playful/entrepreneurial learning, Learning Cities/Regions, virtual/physical/hybrid learning environments, decentralised technologies like SSB... What is your vision for the future of education?